Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Subdivision: Forest Park-Villa Capri: 48336

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: Forest Park (Villa Capri): 48336

Location: South of 9 Mile, West of Inkster, North of Shiawassee
Zip Code: 48336
Entry: 9 Mile Rd, Inkster Rd, Shiawassee Rd.
Attaching Subdivisions: None

The entry ways show a sign for the Forest Park subdivision. However, the Farmington Hills MI subdivision map indicates that it is called Villa Capri.

Forest Park (Villa Capri) is a subdivision that falls somewhere between a starter home and a first move for many people. Primarily, there are ranches and tri-level homes, which were built in the early to mid-1960's.

All of the homes have garages, but many of the garages are detached. Not all of them are, though.

The ranches are both frame and brick, and they have roughly 1000 to 1300 square feet. There are different styles: standard and L-shaped. On some of them, the roof lines change a little. The ranch homes have basements.

The tri-levels in this subdivision have a unique feature. In their uppermost and bottommost levels, they each have three (3) windows, and that section of the home is a little wider than many other tri-level homes. (Many other homes tend to gain extra square footage by making the main level longer.) These homes are roughly 1500 square feet.

This subdivision is not barren, but most people would not consider this subdivision to be heavily wooded.

The Forest Park (Villa Capri) subdivision is between 9 Mile Road and Shiawassee Road. Even though it is not far from the city, this is definitely a true suburban style looking subdivision from an earlier time, but most of the homes appear to be well-kept.

It is near the Southfield city border, which along Inkster tends to be nicely wooded and provides a pleasant view.

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