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Subdivision: West Franklin Estates-Supervisor's Plat of West Franklin Estates: 48334

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: West Franklin Estates (Supervisor's Plat of West Franklin Estates): 48334

Location: South of 14 Mile Rd; East of Farmington Rd.
Zip Code: 48334
Entry: 14 Mile Rd, Farmington Rd.
Attaching Subdivisions: None

West Franklin Estates is the name on the sign, but the city subdivision map refers to this zone as Supervisor's Plat of West Franklin Estates.

West Franklin Estates is technically a subdivision in Farmington Hills MI, but it is a subdivision in name only. This is one of the areas that has a true country feel to it. The lots are huge, and the houses vary from lot to lot. The age of the houses range from (probably) the 1930's or 1940's to a few that look like they were built in the 1990's, if not the 2000's.

West Franklin Estates (Supervisor's Plat of West Franklin Estates) has many different style colonials.

There ranches within this Farmington Hills MI subdivision are mostly the older larger ones from the 1950's or 1960's.

There is even an occasional bungalow here--older and newer.

This Farmington Hills MI subdivision is heavily wooded, giving it a unique appearance and feel. Since the yards are large, this area takes a lot of space, but there are only two roads within the sub, even if they are somewhat long roads.

The West Franklin Estates (Supervisor's Plat of West Franklin Estates) subdivision is south of 14 Mile Road, and it is east of Farmington Road. There are two (2) entrances into the sub from 14 Mile Road and one (1) entrance from Farmington Road.

This subdivision is only about a mile from Northwestern Highway, which provides easy access to many of the local major highways (M-10, I-696, and M-39). Plus, it is near a lot of shopping on Orchard Lake Road.

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