Friday, April 29, 2011

Subdivision: Muer Cove Estates: 48331

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: Muer Cove Estates: 48331

Location: North of 13 Mile Rd; West of Drake Rd.
Zip Code: 48331
Entry: 13 Mile Rd, Drake Rd, 14 Mile Rd (via Rolling Oaks-Heritage Hills), Farmington Rd (via Rolling Oaks-Heritage Hills)
Attaching Subdivisions: Rolling Oaks (Heritage Hills)

Muer Cove Estates is a medium size Farmington Hills MI subdivision. This is an older township style subdivision with large yards and nearly every type of homes. There are dirt roads.

There are many older medium to large ranches within this subidivision.

There are several colonials.

There are a few tri-level homes.

Here are a few street views within Muer Cove Estates. The winding roads and countryside landscape create a picturesque look.

The Muer Cove Estates subdivision is north of 13 Mile Road and east of Drake Road. There are direct entrances into this subdivision from both 13 Mile Road and Drake Road. It is also accessible from Farmington Road and 14 Mile Road by going through Rolling Oaks (Heritage Hills).

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