Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Subdivision: Meadowhills Estates: 48167

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: Meadowhills Estates: 48167

Location: South of 9 Mile Road; West of Halsted Rd
Zip Code: 48167 (not 48335)
Entry: 9 Mile Rd, Halsted Rd, 8 Mile Rd (via Meadowbrook Hills)
Attaching Subdivisions: Meadowbrook Hills, Meadowbrook Forest

Meadowhills Estates is a small Farmington Hills MI subdivision that is part of a larger interlocking subdivision community that includes: Meadowbrook Hills, Meadowbrook Woods, Meadowbrook Forest, Meadowbrook Forest East, Meadowbrook Park, Preserves of Meadowbrook, and Meadowhills Estates.

This is a part of the city of Farmington Hills MI that has a Northville mailing address. Children living here attend Farmington schools.

Most of the homes within Meadowbrook Estates were built in the early 1980's. The homes within this Farmington Hills MI subdivision are newer than most of the ones within the same precinct, but the area is not nearly as wooded as the southern part, Meadowbrook Hills and Meadowbrook Forest in particular.

There are larger, nice colonial homes within this Farmington Hills MI subdivision, and there are more colonials than any other type of home here.

There are ranch homes within this sub, too. Some of them have vaulted ceilings.

The Meadowhills Estates subdivision is south of 9 Mile Road and west of Halsted Road. There is a direct entrance into this subdivision on 9 Mile Road and Halsted Road, and it is also accessible from 8 Mile Road by going through Meadowbrook Hills.

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