Friday, April 22, 2011

Subdivision: Lincolnshire Estates: 48336

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: Lincolnshire Estates: 48336

Location: South of 11 Mile Rd; East of Middlebelt Rd.
Zip Code: 48336
Entry: 11 Mile Rd, Middlebelt Rd, Inkster Rd (via Churchill Estates and Lincolnshire East/East Lincolnshire)
Attaching Subdivisions: Lincolnshire East (East Lincolnshire)

Lincolnshire Estates is a mid-size subdivision within Farmington Hills MI that is connected to a few other subdivisions to make a large residential complex. The homes were built in the late 1960's and many of the homes are average to slightly above average size.

There are different styles of colonial homes within this Farmington Hills MI subdivision, and their sizes vary.

There are several moderate size clean looking ranch homes. There are not as many ranches as colonials, though.

Occasionally, you will find a tri-level home, also.

The Lincolnshire Estates subdivision is just south of 11 Mile Road and east of Middlebelt Road. There are direct entrances into the sub from 11 Mile Road and Middlebelt Road. However, if you are willing to drive through a couple of other different subdivisions, you can access this sub via Inkster Road.

This subdivision is a couple of miles from Northwestern Highway, which provides easy access to many of the local major highways (M-10, I-696, and M-39).

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