Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Subdivision: Miller's Roughment Farm Sub: 48336

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: Miller's Roughment Farm Sub: 48336

Location: North of 9 Mile Rd; West of Inkster Rd.
Zip Code: 48336
Entry: Inkster Rd.
Attaching Subdivisions: None

The Miller's Roughment Farm Sub is a small Farmington Hills MI subdivision with only one street that runs in a circle. Technically, this is a subdivision, but it is more like an early concept subdivision with a definite "country feel."

The entire area is heavily wooded. Most of the homes are large, rambling ranches that were built in the 1950's or possibly 1960's. (You can click on the pictures to get a better look at the homes.)

Occasionally, you will see a house within this Farmington Hills MI subdivision that is not a ranch...but not often.

Miller's Roughment Farm Sub is secluded. The yards are large, and the entry drive leading into it is long, winding, and hilly.

The Miller's Roughment Farm subdivision is just north of 9 Mile Road and west of Inkster Road. Even though it looks every bit a part of the country in the middle of nowhere, shopping and restaurants are just a short drive from there.

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