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Subdivision: Kendallwood: 48331 & 48334

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: Kendallwood: 48331 & 48334

Location: Between 12 Mile Rd and 13 Mile Rd; Between Drake Rd and Orchard Lake (spanning over Farmington Rd)
Zip Code: 48331 and 48334
Entry: 12 Mile Rd, Farmington Rd, Drake Rd (via Farmington Green), 13 Mile Rd (via Westbrooke Manor)
Attaching Subdivisions: Westbrooke Manor, Farmington Green

Kendallwood is a very large Farmington Hills MI subdivision. It actually spans two (2) different zip codes: 48331 (west of Farmington Road) and 48334 (east of Farmington Road).

Even though Kendallwood splits two zip codes, there are two main parts of this subdivision, but the zip codes do not form that division.

One part of Kendallwood has mostly ranches built mostly in the late 1950's. All of the section west of Farmington Road is like this, and the southwest section (Kendallwood No. 2) of the portion that is east of Farmington Road (nearest to the 12 Mile Road and Farmington Road intersection). This is similar to the older part of neighboring Westbrooke Manor, except there are not any tri-level homes in this older part of Kendallwood.

The remainder of Kendallwood was mostly built in the 1960's. There are a mix of ranch homes, colonials, and tri-level homes. This is similar to the newer part of the neighboring Westbrooke Manor.

There are a lot of medium to larger ranch homes, especially in the older section.

There are quite a few colonials in the newer section of the Kendallwood subdivision.

In the newer section, there are several tri-level homes.

Here are a couple of street views. There are lot of mature trees, and this is a moderately wooded subdivision, especially in the older sections. The hilly and winding roads provide some nice views.

The Kendallwood subdivision is between 12 Mile Road and 13 Mile Road. It is also between Drake Road and Orchard Lake Road, and Farmington Road passes splits the subdivision. There are direct entrances into this subdivision from 12 Mile Road and Farmington Road, but it is also accessible from Drake Road by going through Farmington Green and 13 Mile Road by going through Westbrooke Manor.

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