Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Subdivision: Farmington Green: 48331

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: Farmington Green: 48331

Location: North of 12 Mile Rd; West of Drake Rd
Zip Code: 48331
Entry: 12 Mile Rd, Drake Rd, Farmington Rd (via Kendallwood), 13 Mile Rd (via Colony Park West)
Attaching Subdivisions: Kendallwood, Colony Park West, Burton Orchards

Farmington Green is a large Farmington Hills MI subdivision. The homes were built mostly in the 1970's and 1980's.

Mostly, there are colonial homes. Many of them are classic style.

There are some later model colonial styles.

There is an occasional ranch within this subdivision.

Here are a couple of street views. There are lot of mature trees, and this is a moderately wooded subdivision, especially in the older sections. The hilly and winding roads provide some nice views.

Here is a view of the pond in the middle of the subdivision. The surrounding trees and grassy area present a nice view.

The Farmington Green subdivision is north of 12 Mile Road and west of Drake Road. There are direct entrances into this subdivision from 12 Mile Road and Drake Road, but it is also accessible from Farmington Road by going through Kendallwood and 13 Mile Road by going through Colony Park West.

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