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Subdivision: Hollywood: 48336

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: Hollywood: 48336

Location: South of 10 Mile Rd; East of Orchard Lake Rd
Zip Code: 48336
Entry: 10 Mile Rd, Orchard Lake Rd (via Supervisor's Plat of Westhill Woods), Shiawassee Rd (via Tarabusi Grand River Gardens), Middlebelt (via multiple subdivisions)
Attaching Subdivisions: Westlake, Tarabusi Grand River Gardens, Supervisor's Plat of Westhill Woods

Hollywood is a small to medium size Farmington Hills MI subdivision. It is a township style subdivision with lots that are a little larger than the standard subdivision, but they are not huge, either. There truly is not any sort of "typical" house in this subdivision. Several homes are older, but there are a few that were built recently, also. Each home seems to be independently designed.

There are a lot of different ranch styles of homes within this subdivision.

There are several colonials. Their styles and ages vary.

There is an occasional tri-level.

There are even older bungalows in this subdivision.

Here is a street view. There are a lot of mature trees, and this subdivision is moderately wooded.

The Hollywood subdivision is south of 10 Mile Road and east of Orchard Lake Road. There is a direct entrance into this subdivision from 10 Mile Road, but it is also accessible from Orchard Lake Road (via Supervisor's Plat of Westhill Woods), Shiawassee Road (via Westlake or Tarabusi Grand River Gardens), or Middlebelt Road (via multiple subdivisions).

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