Friday, May 6, 2011

Subdivision: La Muera: 48334

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: La Muera: 48334

Location: North of 11 Mile Rd; Between Orchard Lake Rd and Middlebelt Rd
Zip Code: 48334
Entry: 11 Mile Rd, Orchard Lake Rd (via Springland)
Attaching Subdivisions: Springland

La Muera is a small Farmington Hills MI subdivision. It only has one street that is attached to neighboring Springland. Truthfully, there is not very much difference between Springland and La Muera, except that La Muera is one straight street while Springland is made of several curving roads.

This is an early concept township style subdivision. Many of the streets and curvy, and several parts of the subdivision--especially the northern portion--are really wooded. Several homes cannot be seen, because there are so many trees in the front lawn. The yard sizes vary, but some of these lots are really large.

Note: There is only one sign for the La Muera subdivision, but it is actually not at this subdivision's entrance. It is at one of the entrances to its neighboring subdivision Springland, and you can drive through Springland to reach the La Muera sub. The sign clumps together both subdivisions--Springland and La Muera--even though the city subdivision map separates them.

This subdivision has a lot of older style ranch homes. Some of them are pretty large.

There are a few tri-level homes.

There is a couple of colonials.

Here are a couple of different street views. This subdivision ranges from being lightly wooded to heavily wooded--especially toward the back (northern) part of the road.

Here is one of the overlooks toward the back of this subdivision. This picture captures the creek and some of the woods.

The La Muera subdivision is north of 11 Mile Road, and it is between Orchard Lake Road and Middlebelt Road. There is a direct entrance into this subdivision on 11 Mile Road, but it is also accessible from Orchard Lake Road by going through Springland.

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