Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Subdivision: Hunters Pointe (Hunter's Pointe): 48331

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: Hunters Pointe (Hunter's Pointe): 48331

Location: North of 13 Mile Rd; West of Drake Rd
Zip Code: 48331
Entry: 13 Mile Rd, Drake Rd (via Hunter's Pointe Colony)
Attaching Subdivisions: Hunter's Pointe Colony

Hunters Pointe (Hunter's Pointe) is a medium size Farmington Hills MI subdivision. It has almost all larger colonial homes that were built in the 1980's and 1990's.

The sign says Hunters Pointe (without the apostrophe), but the city subdivision map says Hunter's Pointe with the apostrophe. Most people are probably not very confused by this, though, since these names are so close.

Mostly, there are colonial homes.

There are a few ranches within this subdivision.

Here are a few street views. There are lot of trees, but it is not considered to be a wooded subdivision.

The Hunters Pointe (Hunter's Pointe) subdivision is north of 13 Mile Road and west of Drake Road. There is a direct entrance into this subdivision from 13 Mile Road, and it is also accessible from Drake Road by going through Hunter's Pointe Colony.

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