Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Subdivision: Farmington Hills Sub: 48336

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: Farmington Hills Sub: 48336

Location: North of 10 Mile Rd; Between Farmington Rd and Orchard Lake Rd (goes through Power Rd)
Zip Code: 48336
Entry: 10 Mile Rd, Power Rd, Farmington Rd (via Glen Orchard)
Attaching Subdivisions: Glen Orchard

Farmington Hills Sub is a medium size Farmington Hills MI subdivision. The lots are larger on rolling hills, giving it a countryside style subdivision look. Most of the homes were built in the 1950's and 1960's. It is part of a larger area that includes Glen Orchard subdivision.

There are many ranches within this subdivision. Quite a few of them are the classic looking larger ranches, but some of them are smaller, too.

There are a couple of tri-level and quad-level homes here.

There is an occasional colonial home here.

Here is a street view within the subdivision. The hilly terrain and windy roads help give it a true country feel. There are many mature trees, but there is still also a lot of open landscape from the larger lots.

The Farmington Hills Sub is north of 10 Mile Road and west of Farmington Road. There is a direct entrance into this subdivision from10 Mile Road, but it is also accessible from Farmington Road by going through Glen Orchard. Power Road goes directly through this subdivision.

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