Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Subdivision: Secluded Lane: 48331

Farmington Hills MI Subdivision: Secluded Lane: 48331

Location: North of 12 Mile Rd; East of Halsted Rd
Zip Code: 48331
Entry: 12 Mile Rd
Attaching Subdivisions: None

Secluded Lane is a tiny Farmington Hills MI subdivision. There is only one street, and it is almost one-quarter of a mile long. The homes are newer, and the yards are smaller. There are not many trees in the front lawns, but forest surrounds the subdivision.

This subdivision only has colonial style homes. There are many nice designs.

Here are a couple of views while coming down entrance drive. There are a lot of trees along the sides, and the road curves a couple of times, helping give truth to the subdivision name Secluded Lane.

At the end of the subdivision, there is a nice evergreen tree in the middle of the cul-de-sac's turnaround.

Beyond the turnaround divider, Secluded Lane offers a few really neat views from its wooden balcony. There is a forest that only somewhat covers a lake at the bottom of a small valley.

The Secluded Lane subdivision is north of 12 Mile Road and east of Halsted Road. There is only one direct entrance, and it is on 12 Mile Road.

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